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family house / Lorrach / 2020 / Structure design
Living house / Grenzach-Wyhlen / 2020 / Struture design
Hans-Thomas-Gymnasium / Mensa / Lorrach / 2018 / Structure
Gasthaus Krone / Weil am Rhein / 2019 / Static design


We understand the supporting structure in the overall context of the building, in the perfectly coordinated combination of construction and architecture. Visible construction, load-bearing parts of the building and individual architecture are mutually dependent and are guided by the architectural intention.

In order for the structural whole to receive its special expression, it is necessary to understand the respective other discipline. The engineer knows the architectural intention; the architect knows the possibilities and limits of structural design. Only in the interdisciplinarity of architecture and construction do materiality, form and construction enter into a coherent relationship and the structural idea can unfold.

Together with architects, Rümmele Bauingenieur GmbH plans a wide variety of buildings and develops individual load-bearing structures. In their lightness, transparency and design quality, our supporting structures fit into the overall concept and follow the constructive logic of the building intention. We design clear structures that are reduced to the essentials and sound out what is physically and technically possible in every work.


In Rümmele Bauingenieure we offer the structural calculations for all building types and for all common building materials such as steel, wood and reinforced concrete accompanied by the necessary shop and as-built drawings.

Depending on the complexity of a project, we have all the necessary software tools to meet even the most demanding design conditions.
For load-bearing elements with special requirements or for critical elements, we also carry out special analyzes that simulate special conditions such as earthquakes, etc.

  • Analysis of the architectural specifications
  • Advice on structural aspects, considering the issues of stability, serviceability and economic efficiency
  • Definition of the structural details of the structure, e.g. for the design of the load-bearing cross-sections, etc.
  • Static pre-dimensioning
  • Static calculation of all building types and all common building materials
  • Creation of construction plans
  • Earthquake simulation