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The Gherkin / London / 2001 / Structural Facade Design
Burj Khalifa / Dubai / 2002 / Facade Preliminary Structural Calculation
Nove by Citterio / Munich / 2019 / Facade Design
Peek & Cloppenburg / Cologne / 2005 / Facade Design
Doha Metro / Doha / 2019 / Facade Design
Living house / Grenzach-Wyhlen / 2020 / Struture design
family house / Lorrach / 2020 / Structure design

Supporting structures and facades – planning quality you can rely on!

Rümmele Bauingenieur GmbH was established in 1999 in Zell im Wiesental, a progressive town in Southwest Germany. We design, develop, and implement structural engineering solutions for buildings in our local area and for leading facade projects around the world. Having multiple years of experience, our strength and success lies in our diversified and highly qualified team.

We love our work, and our work motivates us to achieve the best in every project, small or large, always guaranteeing transparency, integrity and fairness.

Trust is the fundamental virtue on which we build our professional network guaranteeing credibility, integrity and transparency on the path of exceeding our clients’ expectations and optimizing the world we live in. We aim to collaborate with companies that are dedicated to superb quality and have an inherent interest in delivering innovative design solutions on time and within budget. We look forward to facing new challenges with partners, clients and the community.

Expertise // Intuition // Ingenuity


Our 20+ year facade experience guarantees adept problem-solving techniques and holistic approaches. We use our vast software variety coupled with meticulous empirical judgement to avoid time-consuming practices and always deliver on time and within budget.


Our engineering team exploits complementary skills to achieve engineering excellence. We tackle multidisciplinary obstacles by breaking down their fundamental components and synthesizing effective solutions from the ground up.


Our company follows a structured horizontal organization scheme to enhance resourcefulness and creativity. We have the flexibility to efficiently deliver all aspects of a project from design to comprehensive management.


Our strong network of experts enables us to establish robust conglomerates comprising specialized experts across different fields to handle unique requirements in challenging conditions of any scale.


Our international experience has introduced new ways and approaches, amplified versatility & adaptability, enhanced cultural diversity and cultivated the out of the box thinking mentality to shape tomorrow’s future.

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, we’ll provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way.

“Reliable, resourceful and proactive. Never let us down even in the sight of the most demanding and challenging conditions that we faced together.”

Ives Schüpfer
Dipl. Ing. HTL, Director Engineering at Yuanda Europe Ltd., former Engineering Director at Schmidlin AG

“Results-driven professionals employing best in class design and engineering expertise, incorporating in-depth knowledge and intuition to transform design intent into viable, cost-effective solutions following the principles of CDM.”

David Stanton
Managing Director at Group 5f Middle East LLC

“Even though at the beginning of each journey surrounding metal structural design nobody knows the end, this office sees this as an adventure on the path of creating beautiful architectural results. They possess sound scientific skills to perform sophisticated finite element analyses, while also being an essential partner in the system development by integrating easy-to-apply methods.”

Stefan Gauss
Dipl. Ing., Director of Metal Constructions at Freyler Metallbau GmbH

“We have successfully worked with the competent engineers of Rümmele Bauingenieur GmbH in several projects. The collaboration is always fruitful, characterized by fast processing and a solution-oriented approach with suggestions for optimization.”

Daniel Rauh
Managing Director at Dobler Metallbau GmbH